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GeoSyze aims to reform the geospatial industry by offering user-friendly solutions that make advanced technology accessible and easily understandable. Our approach is cantered around simplifying the complexities of geospatial data analysis, allowing users to leverage the power of geospatial intelligence without requiring extensive technical expertise.   We offer a range of services; from consultancy to Turn-key projects, from satellite data sales to sophisticated information services that are easy for non-technologists to use.

Our services include:

Data Supply
Turn-Key Projects


Maximize the benefits of your projects.

No matter your circumstances, we provide consultancy services to offer guidance and support in comprehending, defining, and planning your project.

Typical inquiries include assistance in:

  • Assessing the potential of Geospatial insight to address a problem.
  • Conducting a proof of concept.
  • Establishing the scope and design of a unique project.
  • Determining the most effective approach for data acquisition.

Regardless of your requirements, we are committed to being helpful, proactive, and fostering smooth business interactions.

Data Supply

Simplify data procurement 

Our Data Supply service is for organisations who want to process Earth Observation data themselves, but who want help navigating the vast range of operators and data sources, to get the best value for money, and to simplify procurement.

Turn-Key Projects

Leverage the power of technology.

Our Turn-Key Projects cater to organizations that recognize the potential of Geospatial insights in making informed decisions and gaining a competitive edge but lack the ability to harness the technology themselves, especially in a cost-effective manner.

We specialize in assisting organizations in understanding their data requirements for effective decision-making, designing a cost-efficient data source, and implementing it into their operations. Whether it’s a one-time endeavour or an ongoing project, we excel at providing these services.

We have successfully undertaken special projects spanning various applications, including monitoring global stockpiles, offering decision-making insights into global metals production, aiding customers in crop management decisions, border monitoring, and providing aircraft disposition insights.

Discover more about our approach to running special projects and how they can benefit your specific circumstances.


Increase your knowledge

Our service and Turn-Key Projects empower customers to accomplish their goals even without expertise in Earth Observation or advanced data analytics. However, we understand that some customers prefer to internalize specific skill sets that align with their unique circumstances.

For this reason, our Training Service offers personalized and small-group training sessions, carefully customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. We design the training content to align with the background and goals of the audience, offering everything from a high-level technology overview to detailed and comprehensive tuition.

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